7 good reasons to buy this book

1  Leadership traits made simple

Dr. Sampson makes Leadership simple, easy to understand and tangible. After reading about the six attributes, you will get it… This book is Leadership theory blown up into bite sized chunks anyone can consume and digest.

2 Look at your own leadership skills

The author puts you in front of a leadership mirror and helps you to see what’s missing.

3 A journey, not a manifesto

This is not just a book. It is a slow moving ship that navigates you to the discovery of leadership.

4 Exemplifies corporate leadership trends

This book exemplifies what every corporate entity tries to include in their front pages about what they want from leaders in their organizations. Dr. Sampson’s LWOT tells and shows what that looks like in a way that is meaningful.

5 Facilitates Succession Planning

As a Human Resource professional who spent over 30 years with a Fortune 50 company, I think this book facilitates the succession planning process better than anything I’ve ever seen.

6 Focus to speed your growth

Dr. Sampson takes Leadership and makes it a growth oriented process that helps the reader see and measure their progress. The more you focus on development of the attributes, the faster you grow.

7 Approachable, digestible, doable

As a Certified Professional Workplace Coach, I have coached many frustrated entry and mid-level managers who had received feedback about their lack of Leadership. This book approaches leadership development in a way that is not delusional, no matter what the reader’s cultural environment is.

Johnny Knatt, SPHR,SHRM-SCP, CCATC, Executive Consultant/Trainer

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