A new book from Dr. Sampson


After many years in different roles in the criminal justice system, Dr. Sampson is uniquely qualified to offer ground breaking counsel to members of that community. In his upcoming book, “Quiet Cop“, he lays out a framework for law enforcement professionals to better understand the many complex challenges facing them on the street every day, and proven, positive tools to deal with them while maintaining their own safety.

Over many decades, the term “peace officer” has been replaced by terms such as “police officer” and “law enforcement officer.” Many persons in modern society equate the terms “police” and “enforcement” as being non-trustworthy, unethical and/or militaristic.  Law enforcement officers in modern society must work together at every level to build trust and legitimacy within the communities they are sworn to serve and protect.  Building positive relationships with communities is imperative to improving the perception of law enforcement in the United States of America.

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