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“My Story”

I recall vividly my first meeting with Dr. Steve Sampson. He had been contracted by my agency to provide psychological assessments for candidates at a mass-hiring event. I introduced myself as the HR Director and thanked him for personally supporting us. After a while, we started talking about workplace behaviors and I knew immediately that he was someone who possessed a tremendous amount of knowledge about what is required to be successful at work. As an HR professional from private and government sectors, I have been in the midst of situations where people from every level in the organization have not been able to realize their fullest potential, because they didn’t understand what critical emotional-social skills and behaviors they needed. As a result, they leave for other opportunities, or worse, get fired.

Dr. Sampson offered me a copy of his book titled “Leaders Without Titles” in exchange for my thoughts and perspectives. Before I could read the book, I reviewed the six attributes of influential leaders. WOW! That was my immediate reaction. Finally, someone has created a blueprint that provides a foundation for becoming a complete person in the workplace. LWOT is perfect for leaders, influencers, administrators, professionals, law enforcement personnel, college students, and everyone who’s feeling stuck and can’t figure out why.

I followed up with Dr. Sampson, and learned about his related training program that is being used extensively and effectively with law enforcement personnel. I shared my experiences regarding work place failures, past and present, because there were no practical tools or training that simplified behaviors, skills and competencies that were needed to succeed.

Fast forward, we are now on a mission. We want to help others succeed and increase their effectiveness by learning, understanding and practicing those six attributes in the performance of their work. I strongly encourage everyone to read “Leaders Without Titles” and attendance at a workshop that facilitates learning and application of these attributes.

– Johnny Knatt, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CTACC

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