Chapter 2 – Physicality

“The Physicality dimension is now much broader in our modern world and needs to be acknowledged as a leadership dimension.”

Dr. Sampson is not talking about how pretty she is, or how handsome he appears, we’re talking about caring and concern for one’s own self. We readily accept that a compelling visual image makes it easier to pay attention and stay focused on every move this physically fit person makes. Good physicality implies endurance and stamina to the follower, thus instilling confidence that there will be longevity. The physicality dimension in this book is defined as one’s ability to maintain the physical body’s appearance, health, and utilization. Physical concerns beyond physical strengths and stamina are now being promoted. Many contemporary societies now stress hygiene, nutrition, and physical appearance. Physicality is the ability to be physically attractive beyond the biological givens. It is the ability to take what you have physically and work those physical attributes that are malleable such as grooming, physical fitness, and hygiene.

“The more physically fit you are, the more resilient your brain becomes. Exercise could be the single most powerful tool to optimize brain power.”
– John Ratey, Spark